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How IKEA Uses Sanitas to Save on Annual Water Costs

Project Information

Client IKEA
Year Fall 2018
Location Richmond
Value $200.000
Duration 6 months
ROI 10 years
Product Sanitas
Supervisor Name and Lastname

In the fall of 2018, the IKEA located in Richmond, BC, Canada, wanted to update its current rainwater harvesting technology. The original building in Richmond was built in 2012, and the rainwater harvesting system was installed to flush toilets and urinals only.

Notably, rainwater harvesting offers businesses a financial return on investment (ROI) through water savings. In Canada, most building owners are charged for water in three ways:

  1. A flat fee is charged, depending on the size of the water service pipe entering the
  2. A usage rate per cubic meter of water is used, ranging from $1 to $4 or higher; and
  3. The sewer use is charged typically on 90% of water use and ranging from $1 to $4/m3.

In addition, as storm water management is increasingly more regulated, rainwater harvesting provides an effective way to manage storm water. Alternatively, water scarcity is becoming more common as buildings are being built outside of centrally treated water networks. Groundwater is harder to find, making wells increasingly uncertain options. Rainwater can provide a potable, reliable and sustainable primary source of water.




In Richmond, water and sewer charges are based on water use; therefore, for water, the store saves $1.24 per cu meter of water used and, for sewer, $1.11 per cu meter of water used. For every cubic meter of rainwater Ikea reuses, it saves $2.35. Since the system was up and running, from March 8, 2019, to April 16, 2019, the store has saved 401 cu meters or a total of $943.35. In other words, approximately 10.3 cu meters per day translates to $24.16 per day in savings. The peak day was April 5, 2019, when the store used 38 cu meters of rainwater for toilets and urinals with a single day water savings of $89.30.

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