Vida One Water Reuse

Onsite Water Sources: Rainwater, Stomrwater, Grey Water, Foundation Drainage, AC Condasate, Process Water

Why Vida One Water Reuse?

1. Comprehensive Solutions

Our Vida One Water Reuse line offers holistic solutions tailored for various types of onsite water, ensuring it can be safely repurposed for non-potable purposes within your commercial establishment. From rainwater harvesting to carwash reuse, we’ve got you covered.

2. Resource Efficiency at Its Best

By adopting our advanced water reuse technology, you not only save precious water resources but also cut down on operational costs. Cleanflo’s systems are engineered for efficiency, helping you maximize your sustainability efforts while minimizing your expenses.

Fully customizable

modular system

Single point

power connection

Skid mounted

and factory wet tested

HMI colour

touch screen display


IoT, Web, BAS, BACnet

System startup

Owners training, technical support


Remote monitoring plans available

Maintenance service

palns available

Cleanflo is at the forefront of innovation and responsibility, introducing the
Vida One Water Reuse product line, a comprehensive range of cutting-edge pumping, treatment, and control systems meticulously designed to revolutionize the way commercial buildings manage their water resources. With a deep-rooted belief that “Water is Life,” our mission extends beyond providing efficient water management solutions. We embrace a holistic approach to water conservation and sustainability, recognizing that water plays a profound role in our lives.

Our commitment to holistic water management aligns perfectly with the principles of “Valuing All Water.” We prioritize water conservation, employ advanced technology to prevent loss, and focus on delivering economic, environmental, and social benefits. Our systems approach ensures comprehensive solutions by considering the entire water cycle and infrastructure systems, not just isolated components.

Our adaptable solutions are tailored to various scales, whether for large cities or small utilities, demonstrating our commitment to meeting the unique needs of each client efficiently.

Unmatched Solutions for Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Reuse

At Cleanflo, we understand that every drop counts. That’s why our pre-designed and tender-ready systems seamlessly integrate into new builds or retrofit into existing structures. Whether you seek to harness rainwater for irrigation, toilet flushing, laundry, cooling tower makeup, or any other application, Cleanflo has the perfect solution tailored to your specific needs.

Preserving Water, Preserving Our Future

We recognize water as a finite and invaluable resource. Our mission is to design and manufacture eco-friendly systems that contribute significantly to the preservation of this vital asset. Cleanflo offers a comprehensive portfolio that includes two seamlessly integrated systems for complete rainwater harvesting or stormwater reuse solutions Vida and Rainseeker.

Why Reuse Water?

  • Adhere to local codes and bylaws by incorporating water reuse.
  • Achieve certification in LEED or ESG through the implementation of water reuse practices.
  • Save Money on your water bill by conserving and reusing water.
  • Foster sustainability in your building by embracing water reuse initiatives.
  • Boost your brand and marketing efforts by showcasing your commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Mitigate the risk of flooding from rain and stormwater through effective water management.

Unlocking Water Sustainability for a Greener Tomorrow

1 Accumulation of Onsite Water
  • Rainwater
  • Stormwater
  • Foundation Drainage
  • Grey Water
  • AC Condensate
  • Process Water (IE: Carwash)
2 Store Water in a Tank(Above or below ground)
  • Rainseeker Maximus System
  • Third-Party or Existing Tank
3 Pump, Treat and Control
  • Vida One Water Ruse
4 Reuse Non-Potable Water In Your Budling
  • Irrigation
  • Toilets and Urinals
  • Laundry
  • Cooling Tower Makeup
  • Process water / Car wash

Ongoing After Sales Techical Support and Service

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the initial purchase and installation of our products. We provide continuous phone, email, and video-chat technical support to ensure the optimal performance of your system. For those who require on-site assistance, we offer both on-demand and annual service package options.

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