Cleanflo Controls & Automation

We offer both services and finished UL508A listed control panels, all built in Canada in a UL certified panel shop. Whether you need pre-built or custom control systems, our expertise ensures reliable and efficient operation.

Sanitas Potable Water Systems

Our fully automated treatment systems are used for both final treatment of city water and full treatment of well or surface water. Trust Sanitas to deliver safe and clean potable water for your needs.

Rainseeker Maximus

Our comprehensive collection system is ideal for harvesting rainwater and stormwater, storing it safely for later reuse. Ensure a sustainable water source for your project with our Raineeker Maximus systems.

Vida One Water Reuse

This complete line of pumping, treatment, and control systems is designed to reuse various types of onsite water for non potable purposes in commercial buildings. Save resources and reduce costs.

Ongoing After Sales Techical Support and Service

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the initial purchase and installation of our products. We provide continuous phone, email, and video-chat technical support to ensure the optimal performance of your system. For those who require on-site assistance, we offer both on-demand and annual service package options.

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